Support the 2021 Festival


In 2021 the Truffle Festival – Canberra Region will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Over the past 13 years the Festival has put the Canberra region on the map and is now considered a premier destination for a Black Winter Truffle experience in Australia.

With a variety of businesses and talent involved, the Truffle Festival is a flagship event for the food and wine industry in the region. The Festival includes truffle growers, chefs, accommodation providers, wineries and cooking schools, and puts the spotlight on Canberra’s renowned winter food scene, highlighting the range of high quality gourmet experiences available.

The Truffle Festival is keen to work with partners and sponsors that see the value in offering joint initiatives which deliver win-win-win solutions, whereby each organisation and our audience wins. The connection to our target market (our fans) is the most important. If they win, we all win.

Our Target Market

The foodies

  • Influential and affluent market segment
  • Primarily Sydney and Canberra
  • Primarily women aged 25-45 years
  • Willing to spend on the freshest/interesting new ingredients
  • Cooking is seen as a lifestyle statement
  • Love to share food experiences on social media
  • Familiar with truffle and learning more about how to use it

The newbies

  • Enjoy food and supporting local producers
  • Primarily from Canberra
  • Women aged 25-45 years
  • Have heard about truffle, but have not tasted or used it in their cooking

Want to learn more?

If your business is aligned with these target markets and/or the ethos behind the Truffle Festival, we’d love to discuss ways we can work together. Whether it’s naming rights or a unique joint promotion, we’re open to new and ‘out of the box’ ideas. Contact the Festival Manager the festival manager for further details.