The festival

A celebration of the Canberra
region’s fresh Black Winter Truffle.

The Truffle Festival – Canberra Region runs throughout the Australian truffle season (June, July, August) as a celebration of the region’s thriving truffle industry.

With our cold winters and hot summers, Canberra and surrounding NSW are an ideal setting for truffieres (or truffle farms), with more than 30 local farms producing the exotic ingredient.     

Demand for our locally grown ‘black gold’ is on the rise, both nationally and internationally, with buyers worldwide recognising the high-quality of Canberra region truffle.

The Festival, now in its 13th year, brings together a variety of truffle growers, restaurants, wineries, cooking schools and markets, all committed to showcasing the deliciousness and versatility of this exceptional fungi. For details of what’s on see the full Festival Program.

The Festival is also unique to the Canberra region, as there are very few places in the world that can boast a productive truffle industry so close to a major city centre.

It’s cold outside. Make time for some truly exceptional (and proudly local) comfort food and plan your Festival experience today.

Insights from 2020 Festival attendees

“I was amazed at how beautiful Canberra is, the Truffle festival was the reason for my visit but Canberra is a fantastic place. We went to numerous amazing restaurants and the truffle hunt was by far a highlight. I will definitely be back next season.”

“Loved the people! Loved learning about truffles. Loved getting to know the truffle dogs 🙂 I honestly thought it was fantastic – couldn’t find a fault.”

“Our truffle experience was restaurant based but also included a truffle hunt with a truffle farmer and his dogs. Seeing that side of the process added to the whole experience. The quality and presentation of the four truffle-based courses was perfect. We will definitely seek out more opportunities next year”

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