How to use and store Truffles

It’s always fun to try new recipes and use fresh, local and in-season produce. Fresh Canberra Region black winter truffles can be purchased from a variety of outlets and whilst it has a reputation as a pricey ingredient don’t be alarmed: a little goes a long way.


How to cook with truffle

Truffles go with anything as they are a flavour enhancer (they contain glutamic acid!) and have the ‘umami’, or savoury taste.

Truffles have a great affinity for fats, any fats, which retain the aroma. They also go well with simple dishes involving eggs, mushrooms, chicken, pasta, potatoes, risotto, Jerusalem artichokes, celeriac etc. Truffle butter is an easy crowd-pleaser. See our basic truffle recipes for ideas.

If shaving truffle, they should be shaved as thinly as possible, as the greater the surface area exposed, the greater the aroma from the truffle serving. Truffle shavers show the texture and marbling of slices.

Microplanes are also useful for some dishes. Both are economical in serving truffle. Julienne or whole truffles are also options.


Storing truffles

Truffles are best stored in the refrigerator in a large jar, each wrapped in a paper towel to prevent them getting wet. Truffles lose moisture (weight) and aroma continually.

If they grow a little white mould, brush it off under running cold water and dry the truffle before replacing it in the fridge.

Store the truffles with fresh eggs in the large jar and the yolks will be infused with the truffle aroma, excellent coddled, in omelettes, scrambled, for making sauces and dishes that can be lightly cooked. Other ingredients ideal for infusion include cream, cheese and chocolate. Find out how’s it done with our step-by-step process to truffle infusion.

Truffles continue to lose their aroma following harvest and are best used within three weeks.

Truffle stored as suggested above will keep longer but the aroma will continue to decline.

Truffles can be preserved by snap freezing (minus forty degrees) but will only have a fraction of the aroma of fresh truffle.  They must then be kept, used or shaved frozen as they become rubbery on thawing.

See our step by step guide to Truffle infusion